The types of NBA bets you should know about

For you to engage in NBA bet online, it is vital that you understand the betting options at your disposal. Sportsbooks allow players to place the following types of bets.

  • Moneyline bet

If you are looking for a straightforward way to wager, you should consider placing a moneyline bet. This involves picking a team you predict will win in the NBA then betting against moneyline odds. Money line odds can either be positive or negative. If the return you get is higher than the initial wager you placed, this is referred to as positive moneyline odds.

  • Spread bet

Other players prefer betting the spread. This involves placing wagers on the margin of victory. In this case, you want your favorite team to win by a particular number of points or another team to lose by specific points.



  • Total bet

This refers to a bet on the total number of points that two teams score in a specific game.

As you choose either of these types of bets, you should always be familiar with NBA odds before placing wagers to boost your chances of succeeding.

Can you place NBA live bets?

In-game betting is taking over the sports betting industry. It is possible for you to place live bets at certain online sportsbooks. This gives you a chance to wager on teams after the start of games. The opportunity can help you find an edge. For you to succeed in this, you need to know the size you want to bet on before the beginning of the game so that you don’t get carried away. Though it is hard to know the precise time for you to place a live bet, you have to exercise patience. Middling a total or point spread can help you minimize your risks of making losses.

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